Community Efforts and Making a Difference


CharlesRudy by Charles G. Rudy, Founder VOICE
It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the idea of VOICE was conceived. We gathered together some friends and business associates and said that we want to do something to make a difference when it came to women’s health issues, specifically with relation to ovarian cancer.

With the help of Dr. John Curtin at the NYU Cancer Center and Dr. David Fishman we started VOICE. It has been a long, hard road but we have succeeded. Out goal was to “Make a Difference,” and we did.

It is through your efforts and those of doctors with whom we have become involved that we have a national presence, recognition and national support. The Columbia Broadcasting System has been helpful by giving us Public Service Announcements through the month of September, which is ovarian cancer month.

It is through the efforts of Drs. Fishman, Dottino, and Martignetti that we have expanded our research and are recognized entity in research.

The Dr. Marilyn Varadi and Charles G. Rudy Ovarian Cancer Research Program at Mount Sinai, which was dedicated last year is busily engaged in developing new and innovative programs for all women.

Once again, thank you for all your hard work, ideas and support over the years. You have made a difference.

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